Manuscript Evaluation

Receive an in-depth editorial feedback report on the developmental of your novel! 

I will read the entirety of your manuscript and highlight both the amazing parts and the areas that need improving in your plot, subplots, structure, dialogue and characterisation.

For example: 

  • Is your plot enjoyable and gripping? Is your plot well-structured and paced properly? 

  • Are your subplots relevant to your main plot? Do your subplots enhance the story and captivate your readers? 

  • Does your dialogue interest the reader and advance the plot? Is your dialogue relevant to the story? 

  • Are your characters three-dimensional, believable, relatable and realistic? 

However, I will not only tell you where the issues lie, but I will also teach you how to address them to give you the best chance of moving forward. 

How long will my report be? 

Depending on the strength of your manuscript, your report could be anywhere from 5000 to 12,000 words long. 

If you decide that the Manuscript Evaluation is the right path for you, get in touch using the button below and inform me of your word count. I will then supply you with an invoice that must be paid before any work is done. 

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm (UK time)

Accepted Payments:

Bank Transfer


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