How to Earn £1,000 a Month from Self-Publishing Course Outline

Selling your books and building an audience as an indie author can feel harder than actually writing the book in the first place, but there are several life-changing steps you can take to make a significant amount of money from your work after self-publishing.


Sound impossible?


Well, take this book marketing course to discover how YOU can make over £1,000 a month from your book sales alone! 

Course Outline


After a welcoming introduction to the course, you will be taken through five modules that will teach you how to market your book more efficiently. The introduction to this course is completely FREE, so if you want to get a taster before spending a penny, go ahead and get started with the free preview! 

Module 1: Build Your Platform 

In the first module, you will learn the essential steps every indie author must take before they self-publish if they want to earn any kind of income from their book sales. You will also discover why each stage is vital before publishing and how you can do each one successfully. 

Module 2: Networking 

In Module 2, you learn about networking and why you should be doing it as an independent author. You will also unlock the secret to the best ways to network, and the power of guest posts. 

Module 3: Get Positive Reviews 

In the third module, you will discover why reviews are essential for earning money from your self-published books and how you get can them soon after you have published. 

Module 4: Promote Your Book 

In Module 4, you will find out the BEST ways to promote your book before publication to boost your book sales and earn over £1,000 a month! 

Module 5: Quick Promotion Tips 

In the fifth and final module, you will receive a list of unique promotion tips that you can implement into your marketing strategy as an indie author. You may have heard of some of them before, but most are exclusive to this course!

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